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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Britney Spears. You all know who she is, you all know what she has become. Essentially she has become a punch line for late night talk show host and those vapid douche bags on the fucking E! channel. I for one think its a sad commentary on American taste if we can find humor in this young woman's disease. I am not saying I like her music or her whorish image, but to pick on a sick person with a legitimate disease is just fucking lame. If you think she looks fat at the VMAs, fine, run with that. Hell, I hate fat people and I am one of them. If you think she is a whore and want make fun of that, fine. I have no problem with whores, in fact I think slutty chicks have a better outlook on life than those repressed uptight bitches (plus promiscuous girls are more likely to let me fuck them) But making fun of her alcohol/drug problem, that's week. Its like making fun of a cancer patient for having no hair. The fact that the general populous gets such a sense of Schadenfreude from seeing this one bright starlet fall so far into the depths of addiction just sickens me. If seeing someone else in such a bad state gives you joy please slit your own fucking throat and do us all a favor.

What I think makes this such a great tragedy, in the Greek sense of the word, is that she has so much to lose. Fame, money, two kids, and a great career, all down the shitter because of coke and booze. I can only think so many people jumped on the Britney Hatin' because of sour grapes. Sorry about your menial job and shitty family life but some people are bound to have more or do more with their lives and if you can't handle that and feel the need to pile on them when they are down, well that is as much a commentary on the state of affairs in your life as much as Britney Spears'.

So far I have only seen one late night comic who has taken the high road and not used Britney as joke fodder and that is Craig Ferguson. Mr. Ferguson has had his own problems with alcohol and realizes what an awful disease it can be. Kudos to Craig Ferguson for being a classy chap.

PS I could give a fuck about Britney Spears, I just wanted to use Schadenfreude in a sentence

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Blogger Brian said...

that's all well and good. but she shouldn't be allowed to drive. and she's an unfit mother. it's ok to make fun of her because she's white trash. white trash is the lowest form of life there is.

7:37 AM

Blogger yourblogsucks said...

i for one like her way better nowadays- ever since she shaved her head. mad respect for girls who do that.

8:23 AM

Blogger Eric said...

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10:50 AM


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